Has it really been that long since I’ve posted an update?

I guess it has, the internet never lies, right?! LOL

Just a very quick update….
1)I’ve been very busy with lots of things, Freemasonry, Shop, Farm, etc.
2)I’m now a 2 time past master, 1 time for 2 different lodges.
3)I’m currently secretary for one of my lodges, and JW of another.
4)Have 2 greenhouses ready to start setting up now that they are constructed
5)My youngest daughter got married last september and now lives in Washington State.
6)My Oldest daughter is getting married this coming May.
7)Lots of other things I can’t think of at this moment, but if I get some time, I’ll try to start updating this a little more often.
Hope all is well in all of Your lives, and that your happy and healthy.



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Been a while..hasn’t it?

Just a quick update,
I’ve been busy, and have lots of things keeping me that way.
Working With Nick DeCarlo at Tnt in Nevada for most of many,
My Masonic Journeys and Lodge work, to include Attending the Annual Communication at Grand Lodge in Madison Wisconsin to receive Nine Rivers Lodge #369’s Charter.
Not many Masons get the opportunity to be a Charter Member of a new lodge, and this one is a very traditional lodge, put together for the betterment of the district, and possible an example for whats to come throughout the state of wisconsin.
I’ve also been busy with trying to keep my property from becoming over grown, and keeping the Vegetable gardens in order. That and the constant mowing…it sure is a full time job in itself.
The shops doing ok, but I find myself there less and less this time of year for obvious reasons mentioned above. LOL.
The Future looks like I’ll more then likely be doing a few more locations with Nick Decarlo and Tnt Tattooing in and around sep. and oct. Then I can start hunkering down for winter.
Another Note,

My Dad and I, back in the 70's at Lion Country Safari in Souther California

I got in contact with my father Darrell LeQue. It’s been 20 years since I’ve spoke with him, and short after that he moved to New Zealand with his Wife Marilyn (sp?)His Wife and He are officers in the Salvation Army over there. I’m glad to hear he’s doing well, and it’s great to be in contact with him again.

He will be in the God’ Beautiful State of Wisconsin in August, and I will be meeting up with him while he’s here visiting other relatives (Most of which I’ve never met) and I’m not even sure if I’ll be meeting up with him during that event…it’s all good, I get to see my Dad again! 8-D


Also, I’ve been asked by a couple of Close Masonic Brothers who have both been promoted to District Deputies *WMB District Deputy Gary Stang of District 2* and *MWB District Deputy James Kent of District 5* To work with them on creating their District Websites and site for the lodges in their districts.
I’m happy to do this with/for them as they’ve both been HUGE inspirations in my Masonic Raising and motivation in the fraternity.
Ok…on that note, I remember I said I would be brief and a quick update here, so I will leave it at this, and hope that I find the time to log in more often and update my travels.

So, on that Note.
Peace to all my Friends, Family, and Fraternal Brothers.

 P.S. I want to thank my Wife Adrian for all her love and understanding as I take on all these tasks, and my continued times away from home while doing so.
Love you Hon!

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A MASONS WIFE From active Mason’s, resolute, Our wives, our families we salute:
We surely know the price you pay.
Who sit alone while we’re away;
No high degrees on you conferred, In Lodge, your name is seldom heard;
You serve our cause though out of sight, While sitting home alone tonight;
Masonic paper…s list our names, Awards are given, fit to fame:
But yours as absent … you who strive, To keep our fortitude alive;
You’re part of every helpful deed:
Without your blessings, how could we, Continue acts of charity?
And sow, this poem, we dedicate, to every Master Mason’s mate:
And offer our undying love, Rewards await from Great Architect Above.
Michael Gillard, Illustrious Master · Noblesville, Indiana

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Freemasonry – The Fraternity

We come from all walks of life. We all come from all manner of professions. We are many colors. We profess many different faiths. But we all have this in common, we have all found a fraternity, we have all become Free & Accepted Masons, and we are all brothers.

Freemasonry has and shall always affect the lives of men, taking good men and helping them become better men by providing them the tools to accomplish this noble and glorious task.

The roots of our fraternity date back to the building of king solomon’s temple in Jerusalem around 1000 BC, but the origins of our freemasonry and be traced to medieval guilds of stone masons. The trade secrets of building churches back then, without the use of mortar, and with the use of geometry, were closely guarded secrets. This secrets were so jealously guarded that they were not even divulged to the priests of the churches that employed them. Those guilds were formed to train masons and enforce a high standard of workmanship. Masons were then, and continue to be, held to those high standards and expected to keep those most valueable secrets.

Eventually those guilds lost their purpose as the people became better educated across Europe. But in the age of enlightenment there was found in Masonry an ideal metaphor for character building in men.

By 1717, the purpose of Masonry had shifted from operative masonry (actually building structures) to a guild of speculative masons (character building). Taking the traditions of old and using them to build up good men, and make them into better men. It has been part of society for much of recorded history and part of America, long before the revolution against England in the latter years of the 18th century.

We, as Masons, hold firm to a set of timeless values and maxims which as relevant today as ever. The tenets of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth have guided us through the centuries and they will continue to do so for the remainder of time. They have helped us to become better friends, fathers, sons, professionals, and citizens.

This age old fraternity has been an inestimatable gift to me in my own life, and one of the most dynamic forces for good I have ever encountered. I am honored to be a part of this ancient and honorable order, and honored to be counted among my brothers.

Brother Aaron Robertson
Sutherland Lodge #174 F&AM

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Masonic Obligation


Obligate and oblige are sister words, deriving from the same Latin root, ob, a prefix meaning before, or about; and ligare, meaning bind, as in our ligament. An obligation is a tie, or pledge, or bond’ by which a man is tied to his fellows, or gives his word to perform certain duties. Accordingly we have obliging, referring to one who is willing to bind himself to do something for you, obligatory, etc. The obligation is the tie, or bond, itself; in Masonry a formal and voluntary pledge on the candidate’s part by virtue of which he is accepted as a responsible member of the family of Masons.

The solemn promise made by a Freemason on his admission into any Degree is technically called his obligation. In a legal sense, obligation is synonymous with duty. Its derivation shows its true meaning, for the Latin word obligatio literally signifies a tying or binding. The obligation is that which binds a man to do some act, the doing of which thus becomes his duty. By his obligation, a Freemason is bound or tied to his Order. Hence the Romans called the military oath which was taken by the soldier his obligation, and, too, it is said that it is the obligation that makes the Freemason.

Before that ceremony, there is no tie that binds the candidate to the Order so as to make him a part of it; after the ceremony, the tie has been completed, and the candidate becomes at once a Freemason, entitled to all the rights and privileges and subject to all the duties and responsibilities that enure in that character. The jurists have divided obligations into imperfect and perfect, or natural and civil. In Freemasonry there is no such distinction.

The Masonic obligation is that moral one which, although it cannot be enforced by the courts of law, is binding on the party who makes it, in conscience and according to moral justice. It varies in each Degree, but in each is perfect. Its various clauses, in which different duties are prescribed, are called its points, which are either affirmative or negative, a division like that of the precepts of the Jewish law. The affirmative points are those which require certain acts to be performed; the negative points are those which forbid certain other acts to be done. The whole of them is preceded by a general point of secrecy, common to all the Degrees, and this point is called the tie.

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Article about Prince Hall Masons

Article by

Don Hensiak, Senior Grand Steward

Prince Hall

The Grand Lodge of Wisconsin has enjoyed a growing relationship with the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Wisconsin. The two Grand Lodges remain separate and distinct, but have enjoyed mutual recognition since 1990. This allows the two jurisdictions to enjoy camaraderie and visitations. The Grand Lodge of Wisconsin currently recognizes 31 Prince Hall Grand Lodges throughout America.

Many Masons have labored under the mistaken idea that Prince Hall is a “black” lodge and that other jurisdictions are “white” lodges. This has never been the basis for either jurisdiction’s memberships, but even in Masonry racial prejudices have died slowly. Historically, many military lodges have been chartered under the Prince Hall banner.

Tracing its roots to the “Mother Lodge” in England, the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge began its Masonic journey with the Warrant of Constitution issued to African Lodge No. 459 on September 29, 1784. The warrant was signed and sealed under the authority of His Royal HighnessHenry Frederick, Duke of Cumberland and Grand Master. The actual charter is still in existence in a safe deposit box in Boston. It is the only original charter issued from the Grand Lodge of England that exists in the United States.

Prince Hall was a leather-worker, soldier, civic leader, caterer, educator, property owner and abolitionist. He fought for the education of black children and the protection of free blacks from being kidnapped and sold into slavery. A black man, he was born in 1735. He was reportedly born in Africa or Barbados and brought to North America as a slave. The details of his birth and early years are sketchy at best. Documents show that slave owner William Hall freed a man named Prince Hall on April 9, 1765, but there were evidently several men named Prince Hall living in Boston at the time. It appears that many stories of Prince Hall’s early years were embellished. In particular, there was an effort by some authors to create a “freeborn” birth for him to “legitimize” his Masonic standing. Some Grand Lodges relied on the “freeborn” terminology in our ritual as an excuse to deny the legitimacy of black Masons. Masonic scholars today tend to agree that the exercise of “free will” is what is of primary importance to a man who petitions a Masonic lodge.

Prince Hall had been raised to the degree of Master Mason in Military Lodge No. 441 which was a racially integrated lodge attached to the British Army at Boston. Hall and fourteen other men were initiated, passed and raised on March 6, 1775 at Castle William, Boston Harbor (later called Fort Independence). A year later, in 1776 the black Masons were granted limited dispensation to operate as African Lodge No. 1 with Prince Hall serving as Worshipful Master. This limited dispensation allowed them to meet, observe St. John’s Day and to bury their dead, but not to confer degrees.

After the British left Boston Harbor in 1776, Prince Hall and many of his brethren joined the Continental Army and fought on the side of the revolutionaries. There is evidence that Hall may have fought at Bunker Hill. African Lodge survived the war and listed 33 men on its rolls after the war. Freemasonry in America however, was in turmoil after the war. The Grand Lodges of England, Scotland or Ireland had chartered most of the lodges in America. The new states decided to form their own Grand Lodges and African Lodge attempted to gain recognition from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Massachusetts and others, but was rejected. The Premier Grand Lodge of England eventually granted them a charter in 1784 as African Lodge No. 459. It is uncertain whether the Grand Master of England (who was also the brother of King George) granted the charter out of brotherly love, or as an opportunity to “embarrass” the white Americans by chartering a black lodge on American soil.

Due to the lack of good communication in those days, and Grand Lodges that were not strong, it was not unusual for individual lodges to charter other lodges. Under the authority of its English charter, African Lodge chartered lodges of black Masons in Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Records of the Grand Lodge of England show that African Lodge made payments to the English Grand Lodge’s Charity Fund for a number of years. In 1792 when England re-numbered its lodges, African Lodge was advanced to No. 370 indicating that the Grand Lodge still recognized them at that time.  It appears that the lodge may have never been aware of this change due to the lack of communication.  In 1813 the “Antient” and “Modern” Lodges of England united into what is now the current Grand Lodge of England, and African Lodge as well as all other lodges in America, were erased from the English Registry.

African Lodge considered itself part of the Grand Lodge of England until 1827 when due to continued silence from England, they took the action of declaring themselves to be independent of any other Masonic authority. Along with the two lodges that African Lodge had chartered, they eventually changed the name of the Grand Lodge to honor Prince Hall, their founder, who had died in 1807.

Prince Hall Lodges have existed in Wisconsin since 1878 when Brown Lodge No. 25, which would later become Widow’s Son Lodge No. 1, was organized in Milwaukee. Originally operating under the Grand Lodge of Prince Hall Masons from Illinois, the Prince Hall Masons of Wisconsin received its own Grand Lodge Charter on June 25, 1925.


  • Grand Lodge of Wisconsin Masonic Handbook
  • Freemasons for Dummies – Christopher Hodapp
  • Idiot’s Guide to Freemasonry – S. Brent Morris
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Al righty Thennnnnn…..

So, I’ve been busy lately…Obviously!
Between holding down 2 active Officer Positions in two different lodges,
Working with a new Lodge thats forming, Still doing remodeling at the shop,
Working at the shop, Doing my Volunteer/training at Kopp’s Garden Growers Green House, Creating Websites for 3 new sites, and Updating/Maintaining 8 sites. Well, again, lets just say I’ve been very busy. Even when I’m home relaxing I’m busy working on website. I Built the 3 new sites just today….Ok, enough of this, lets move on.
So, Yeah, I’ve been busy, and thats a good thing because I’m getting serious Spring Fever. I want to be working outside in the Gardens, trying new things, tilling new soil etc….but, yeah, To Cold, and To Much Snow out there!
I’m Thrilled to have been invited to become a member of a new lodge forming, and being appointed as the Senior Deacon once it receives it’s Charter from the Grand Lodge.
We’re currently putting together Bi-laws, Committees, Hand book, Standards, etc etc etc. It’s really great for me to see how this is done and I’m really going to be learning a lot about Masonic Leadership from this whole experience.
Last Night My Plural Lodge George B. Wheeler #351 did a Fellow Craft Degree, I’m Junior Deacon for This Lodge. I really enjoy being part of Degree Work, especially when I receive Complements on my Floor work from Brethren I look up to. Their Approval means a lot to me.
I’m working hard with my Mother Lodge to aid in it’s continued Charitable work, and working towards some new ideas to aid in that direction even more.
I’ve got a LOT of foot work to do this coming week. I’d have done it sooner, but it’s just been to cold to be out and about. But, I’m staying focused.
Well, I feel like I’m rambling….so with that, and I just got a Brain Freeze from drinking a Green Tea from our mini-fridge…I’m off for the night to go cuddle with my Lil’ Olive!

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How Goes things….

Well, Up and Down, like a Farris Wheel! LOL!
Or is it a Teeter Totter? Tonight, I was Officially installed at my Mother Lodge, BuffaloRiver 252 in Mondovi Wisconsin, as Senior Deacon. It’s a Position of High Importance, and a lot of work. I’m pretty confident that I can do it.

The Installation Ceremony Was Very Nice, Preceded by a Meal, prepared by my Wife Adrian. Thank You Dear for your constant support and participation, it means the world to me.
Most all the Officers made it to the ceremony, just a couple sit ins. It was a pretty good turnout, thanks to those who came out for the event in the snow.
I’m looking forward to working hard this year to help things run as smooth as possible, with ideas, and motivation. Now, it’s time to Learn my roll as Senior Deacon. Many days and Nights of Memorization in the near future.

As for the shop, A lot of work is getting done in the remodeling. It’s really looking nice, and a lot more to come in the next couple of weeks.

Fresh paint and New Lighting really make a difference. I can’t wait to see how much nicer everything looks when it’s done.
I’ve been putting off this work for a couple years now, so, I know what needs to be done, I just have to Keep it moving.
Well, it’s been a Long day, and a longer one tomorrow, so I will end this update here and now.
Good Nite!

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Thanks Giving Heretofore

Hopefully, just a quick post/update/greeting today.
I want to say Congratulations to all my Masonic Brethren who have been Raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason.

Also to those who have been Installed as Officers in their lodges Recently, I know you’ll all do a wonderful job in your positions. And to those who have advanced in their Masonic Degrees with Due Form!
Congratulations One and All!!

I want to Wish Everyone a safe and happy ThanksGiving this week. Please take an extra step in your traveling to be as safe as possible, the weather isn’t going to be as nice as we would like it to be, and lets keep everyone thankful this holiday by being were we’re supposed to be safely.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

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What a Great Weekend!

First, Let me warn you, this will be a condensed version of a weekend update. I’ll say this now, if I don’t get it across in my post. I Absolutely had one of the best weekends in a LONG LONG time.

My Certificate and Hat of 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason

Ok, It started off with Saturday attending the Second Weekend of the Fall Scottish Rite Reunion. I don’t know exactly how to make it so those who haven’t traveled this path before can understand the feeling of Recognizing that there is so much more you Could Understand, and Now have access to becoming a better person, which will directly affect everything around you. Ever time I think about the things I’ve experienced these past couple of weekends attending the Scottish Rite Reunions, The Thoughts I’ve had, the realization of things that have always been in my mind, but never fully understood or realized, it makes me smile, and tear up at the same time. How much time in my life I’ve wasted with trivial little things getting me down, when there is really a Larger picture, and yet a much simpler process behind it all.
The Day was filled with Degree work, and followed up with a Celebratory Banquet To congratulate all of the new 32nd degree graduates. My Wife was present for the banquet, which really topped off the evening having her there by my side and celebrating this very important occasion with me.
I want to take this moment to Congratulate the Other class members of the “Rick L. Schnable Fall Reunion Class of 2010”. It was great spending these days with you all, and I’m sure we’ll cross paths many times in the future.
Also, I’m very fortunate to have met and spent time with Rick Schnable while attending some degree work in Wausau over the past couple months, and I can Honestly say, this man, is one of the best people I’ve every met, or will every meet. I don’t think you’ll ever find a person who can say otherwise of Rick.
Ok, for the rest of the weekend, round 3 of tile work at the shop, this should take care of everything but the grouting tomorrow. I had some setbacks on getting this project done with, but I think we worked it out.
ALSO, My Friend and colleague Mike (Spike) Moore was in town visiting from His new home state of Hawaii. It was so good to see him and have an evening of catching up with him. I wish I could have spend more time, but it was sort of short notice, and as you’ve read before, I had a pretty busy weekend with reunion.
Spike worked at the shop for a couple days, I hope he enjoyed his visit and re-visit to the shop to do some work like old times. I miss being able to talk with him on a regular basis sometimes. I’m glad he’s doing well, and wish him the best of luck in his future, and hope that we can stay in better touch with each other.
Other then that, Some things from this week…
My Buddy Dek got hit by a truck right around the block from the shop, he flew 10+ feet, and didn’t break a bone. A night in ICU for observation, and he was out. He’s a bit sore, but thats to be expected considering.
I’m glad he’s doing ok, and hope thats all that turns out physically for him.
This coming week…..
Lodge Meeting at my Mother Lodge Buffalo River Lodge #252, we should be electing officers for next year soon.
Also, I’ll be attending and Sitting as JD for a Master Mason Degree at George B. Wheeler Lodge #252 in Eau Claire on Wed. I’m really looking forward to it.
Ok, next update should be by thursday at the latest.

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